Sunday, 19 February 2012

Splash About Happy Nappy Swimming Costume

I've recently added the Splash About Happy Nappy Swimming Costumes to my range and they've proved to be really popular.

The costume incorporates the Happy Nappy attached to a pretty swimsuit top, allowing you to take your little one swimming in a pretty swimsuit but still having the peace of mind that a Happy Nappy gives.

Just like the Happy Nappies, they are made of 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene with soft, snug fitting deep bands of fabric around the legs, with the same fabric for the top, finished off with pretty bows & ties.

I currently have them in the Pink and Mango stripe, Pink & Mango Polka Dot and the Navy & White Polka Dot, although the striped one is being phased out by Splash About and will not be around much longer.


You can buy the costumes here for just £12.99 including FREE postage

Monday, 6 February 2012

New Product Update

We have just introduced some great new products from Splash About.

A new 2012 Happy Nappy has been released to coincide with the Olympics so why not kit your little Olympic swimmer out in a Union Jack Happy Nappy to show your support of Team GB.


Another of the new designs is the Navy blue and white polka dot Happy Nappy and Happy Nappy Costume.


The Happy Nappy Costume is made to look like a little girl's swimsuit but gives you the security of having a Happy Nappy incorporated.


We also have the Happy Nappy Costume in stock in Pink & Mango with more colours coming soon, as well as new colours in the popular Float Jacket - Sporty and Lime/Blue.



You can now also have Free Standard Delivery on everything in the shop