Monday, 28 March 2011

Splash About Happy Nappy

"The most essential item in your baby swim kit is your Happy Nappy. In fact, most baby swim schools in the UK now recommend that all of their babies wear one. After all, the idea is that you go swimming with your baby – not with the contents of his or her leaking nappy! 

They are made of 1mm supple, stretchy neoprene and finished with super soft, snug fitting, deep bands of fabric with a high rubber content to keep all nasties inside.
Designed by us with swim teachers, parents and babies in mind! So simple and yet so effective, no ties, no Velcro, no elastic. IT WORKS!! Can be worn with or without a conventional swim nappy - a liner is advised for ease of cleaning. Tested and improved upon with the leading UK swim teachers." Splash About

I have used the Happy Nappy with my (now 22 month old) little boy, from the age of 2 months. I have either used them with a disposable or re-usable swim nappy underneath. Not only do they offer you the confidence to go swimming with your baby without the worry of 'leakages' they also keep your baby warm as they are made from neoprene, the same material that wetsuits are made from. These however are only 1mm neoprene so they are flexible, not stiff, and are fairly easy to put on & take off your baby - although if you have a 'chunky' baby they may take a big of 'tugging' to get over their thighs!! Don't worry though as the waist & legs are ribbed with very soft stretchy fabric that doesn't cut into your baby. The colours are lovely & bright & can be co-ordinated with baby wetsuit wraps & snugs.

The Happy Nappy's are available in all sizes from Newborn (XS) up to Toddler (XXL) in a variety of colours and are priced from £9.49 with free p&p. If you live local to me in Staffordshire and are happy to collect I can offer you a discount on this price - please email me for details.

Click here to see all Happy Nappy's in stock and available for purchase Now!

Fantasy Fish with red binding
Pink & Blue

My little one swimming underwater at 8 months old wearing his Fantasy Fish Happy Nappy with blue binding
Pink Balloon Print

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