Monday, 28 March 2011

Dribble Ons Bandana Bibs

I used these bibs for my little one and they were a godsend during the dribbly teething phase that he went through. When the bib got wet I just changed it for a new one instead of having to change his top & also his vest that the dribble had soaked through to, which meant stripping him off almost completely!!

Not only are they practical but they are also very cute! They have a popper fastening on the back which can be fastened in 2 positions. They are sold on a backing card & are ideal as a New Baby gift, especially if you need to post your gift as they are lightweight.

Dribble Ons provide a stylish and clever solution for babies who constantly dribble.

Dribble Ons are made of a soft combination of stretch cotton and terry toweling which absorbs the moisture whist at the same time being comfortable and cute to wear.

They are currently available in 5 plain colours: Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Baby Blue, Navy and White, complimenting the Sock Ons range.

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